VIDEO: Connect Through Your Sole Episode 2 feat. Arisa Yoon

Episode 2 of our "Connect Through Your Sole" series is now live! For Raum Ambassador, Arisa Yoon, the ocean has always played an immense part of who she is. It was her experience learning how to scuba dive at the age of fifteen that sparked her passion for our planet, and what ultimately led her to promote its conservation. In this video, we take a deeper look into Arisa's life, and how connecting with the ocean creates a deeper relationship not only with the Earth, but within herself too.

While studying Environmental Science and Marine Biology at college, Arisa began studying our global plastic pollution problem. She began to realize how important our everyday actions are, especially to our planet. But she quickly realized the importance of getting people into nature, because that is where the real change begins. She believes that we protect what we love- so it's important to spend time enjoying the water and soil in order to really be persuaded to care for it.

By living a minimalist lifestyle led by the tides and wind, Arisa is able to find clarity and ease within her everyday pursuits. Surfing, meditating, or practicing yoga are just a few of the practices she likes to implement within her days to keep her grounded, which is why when she's not barefoot, she enjoys her Raums. Having a shoe on her feet that is conducting the very connection she seeks everyday, is important.

While not raising awareness about our planet, Arisa is a photographer and creative director for mission-based brands. (Psssst, most of the photos you see are most likely taken by her ; )) We love you, Arisa!