For our LEATHER shoes (Natural, Ebony, Coffee and Acorn) we recommend wiping the shoe down gently with a clean, dry cloth to remove any surface dirt and dust. You can then lightly wet the cloth with warm water and gently wipe over the dirty areas again. If the stain still exists, try a very light amount of natural soap and add it to the damp cloth to gently rub on to the surface. After, we recommend using a natural leather conditioner. We like brands named Honey Leather, Cadillac and Apple Leather Conditioners. You can also make your own leather conditioner with one cup warm water, a few drops of soap and a few drops of vinegar. Use a
clean cloth and follow the same steps above. After cleaning, please air dry the shoes in a shaded area.

For our SUEDE/NUBUCK shoes (Dusty Rose, Earth, Sand, Slate, Stone) please do not use any topical creams of liquid. Start with using a suede brush to lightly brush out any dirt or water stains. If the stain persists, use a white pencil/suede eraser to rub on the stain, followed by a light brushing with the suede brush. Brush evenly in the same direction. There are many suede cleaning kits sold on Amazon. If you would like to preemptively protect your suede from water/stains, they also make a suede protectant spray. We like the brand called CREP Protect.

For any major stains such as grease, oil, wine etc., we recommend bringing your shoes to a professional cobbler for cleaning.