VIDEO: Connect Through Your Sole Episode 1 feat. Ryder England

Our "Connect Through Your Sole" video series showcases Raum Goods brand ambassadors and their life stories. Take a road trip up the California coast with Ryder England as he forages for food and explores the land he loves. Grounding and being barefoot is how Ryder prefers to live. He genuinely loves connecting to the earth through surfing and gardening. When he has to wear shoes, you can find him in a pair of Raum earthing shoes. He loves the minimalist design and handmade feel of the shoes. There are some imperfections in the stitching from truly being made by hand that he has grown to love. Because there are no synthetics in our shoes, they are considered biodegradable. This is a trait Ryder appreciates in our brand ethos. 

Ryder is the co-founder of San Diego based beverage brand, Kové - Hard Yerba Mate. Yep, you heard that right! He is a dear friend of Raum Goods and we love supporting him and his endeavors that bring our community closer together.