Connect through your sole.

Raum Goods is on a quest to connect people back to mother earth. We set out to make an ethically-sourced shoe that was made of all-natural materials and conductive to the earth. Each shoe is made by a skilled group of artisans in Southern Turkey that have been making shoes for more than five generations. Over 10% of our artisans are Syrian refugees and that are trained by our expert Turkish cobblers. All leather used is a bi-product of the food industry and we use every bit of it. Our soles are naturally vegetable-tanned that does not use chrome in the tanning process. We significantly reduce water waste and pollution that is typical in the footwear industry by not using steel molds or harmful chemicals in our shoe making process. The vast majority of shoes have components sourced from all over the world. This significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emission during their transportation. We are so proud that ALL parts of our shoes are sourced locally to Southern Turkey within a 90 mile radius. This is virtually unheard of in modern footwear. 

1% For The Planet - Official Member

We at Raum clearly value our planet. It is not only what our entire business is centered around, but also our everyday lives. We partnered with 1% For The Planet to donate 1% of yearly sales to a variety of approved nonprofits and charities that align with our values. This is a wonderful organization that we are very excited about! They offer great resources and directories for many ways to get involved in helping our planet and communities.  

Thoughtful. Every step of the way.

All of our products are shipped in natural linen bags and an outer shipping carton made from 100% post consumer recycled cardboard. We always look to eliminate waste wherever possible because we care about our planet. We are so proud to be able to provide our products and packaging with zero plastic!

Minimalist comfort.

Our shoes have a zero-drop sole and is made from a porous water buffalo leather. This type of sole is extra conductive by absorbing the earth's moisture and your perspiration. Your feet mold into the leather over time creating an amazing level of comfort that brings you back to how your body was designed to feel. 

Direct to consumer. 

Our model is simple: bring the highest quality and most stylish earthing footwear to people at the fairest price possible. We do this by making our shoes only available to purchase directly through our website. We have a warehouse in Vista, California that is available to check out and try on shoes locally. Please email us at to schedule an appointment! 

The future is primitive.