Our debut style, the "Slip On," has a unique construction that has been passed down by over five generations of European cobblers. We start with the vegetable-tanned Water Buffalo leather sole. This special leather is more porous than traditional cow sole leather, allowing it to breath naturally. It is extremely durable, yet super flexible and moldable for ultimate comfort.

The sole is then sewn by hand, stitch by stitch, to the upper using a single strand of heavy gauge 100% cotton thread that is rolled in beeswax for added strength. We use premium sheepskin lining and zero synthetic materials so your feet can breathe without socks! A pure copper rivet is secured through the sole at the KD 1 acupuncture point (behind the ball of your foot) that touches both the ground and your foot. This is to increase conductivity and electron flow from the earth to your body.

Our minimalist upper, made of either top-grain leather or premium suede, features no internal structures, reinforcements, or supports. Aside from being the ultimate packable travel shoe, this deconstructed upper allows your feet to move freely, as we were designed to do by nature. We feature zero-drop soles with no arch support — for ultimate barefoot walking stimulation and health benefits.