You Need These 5 New Ethical Shoes In Your Life

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Check out the pebble team's autumn faves for ethical and/or vegan shoes. It's time to put the flip flops back in the wardrobe and embrace proper shoes once again.

1. Raum

Raum footwear is really designed to help you get your feet back on the ground. 

This applies not only to the fact that the shoes are made from all natural materials. Raum also run a copper rivet through the soles of their slip ons, so that you experience optimum electron uptake, as if you were barefoot. 

Vegans beware, these shoes are made from leather. However, Raum use pieces that are bi-products of the food industry. They are about small, handmade collections that follow in the footsteps of generations of traditional European craftsmen. These shoes are:

  • Durable and flexible.
  • They contain no harmful chemicals or synthetic materials.
  • Their manufacturing process reduces the environmental waste, water and pollution that is typical of the footwear industry.
  • Made by passionate, highly skilled and trained artisans, 10% of whom are Syrian refugees. 

These flats have a simple, earthy essence. They come in a range of colours, and showcase the skilled stitching of the artists who sewed around their souls. 

Men and women can walk into the grounded future for roughly £125. 

Shop Raum here.

Raum Shoes

Raum run a copper rivet through the soles of their slip ons, so that you experience optimum electron uptake.


2. Rens 

Rens are running headfirst into a new generation of vegan shoes. They poured the frustration they felt with the waste produced by the fast fashion industry into technology. This mission led them to produce groundbreakingly stylish and sustainable, plant-based sneakers. 

If you get a buzz from wearing them, it might be because Rens have constructed their #coffeeshoe from a combination of old coffee grounds and recycled plastic. 

These materials have been magicked together to be: 

  • 100% waterproof, thanks to their coffee infused liner. It creates an impermeable seal, which protects but remains breathable. 
  • Odour free. No one will know that you just ran a marathon in these kicks. Coffee yarn is naturally odour-absorbent and antibacterial, so your feet will stay fresh for the shoes’ entire life-cycle.   
  • Light, versatile, comfy and suitable for wearing with or without socks, whatever the weather. 

These ethical sneakers look simple and stylish, but have a unique, futuristic feel to them too.

Guys and girls can stroll (or swim) in Rens for around £70-400. 

Shop for Rens now.

Rens Shoes

Rens' coffee infused liner creates an impermeable seal, which protects but remains breathable.


3. Ponto Footwear

Introducing you to the ultimate multi-occasion shoe. Ponto Footwear present the qualities of a trainer, in the design of a traditional dress shoe. You can go from the boardroom to the bar (and back again) all in Ponto.

The Pacific is Ponto’s latest style of ethical shoe. Here’s what’s great about it:

  • The shoe is made from recycled leather trimmings, rounded up from tannery floors. This is material that would have been destined for landfill
  • The bottom of the pacific is made from algae based foam, and the recycled foam insole is lined with a biodegradable odour killing Tencel fabric. It is light, breathable, sweat resistant and adapts to fit your feet.
  • Ponto have removed many toxic practices from their manufacturing methods and produce the Pacific using recycled water. So, purchasing one pair is now the equivalent of returning 120 bottles of filtered water back to the environment. 
  • For every pair sold, Ponto Footwear donate a portion of their proceeds to innovative non-profits who are helping purge the oceans of plastics.

This brand is built for consumers who love the planet they walk on, but who work hard at hectic jobs that hold them back from thinking about this every day. 

So, whilst their supportive souls will enable you to run between meetings, these shoes will also show the earth you care. 

Lace yourself into a pair of Pontos for between £80 and £160. 

Shop Ponto Footwear here.

Ponto Shoes

Ponto shoes are named after Pontos, a medieval Greek God of the seas.


4. Vada

Vada vie not to contribute to the environmental mess the fashion industry is in. Instead, they make season-less wardrobe essentials from sustainable materials. You can walk from one season straight into another wearing these ethically produced, stylish shoes. Their style is timeless, classic and elegant, as is the array of bright and tasteful colours they come in. 

Here’s what you’ll be stepping in to:

  • Vadas are made from sustainably sourced and cruelty free Alpaca wool, algae and recycled plastic bottles
  • Alpaca wool is amazing. It’s naturally temperature regulating, light and breathable. This is why you can be in vogue in Vadas year round. 
  • The way the wool is treated on the shoes uppers also means that it is water resistant and holds its shape.
  • Vada’s insoles are made from algae biomass which actually cleans and restores the environment. Each pair, on average, returns 14 bottles of filtered water to the habitat and keeps 2 balloons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. 
  • Plus the shoe’s lining and binding is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles.
  • Your new shoes will show up in a box made from recycled cardboard which can be reused several times. 

These elegant eco shoes cost around £80-90.

Shop Vada here.

vegan shoes from VADA

Vada's alpaca and algae shoes look a lot more stylish than they sound