Why Did We Create Flexible, All-Natural Earthing Footwear?

Raum provides a different approach to modern footwear.

Why did you buy your last pair of shoes? Did you want the latest trend? Something that was functional? Or was the price just right? We offer a new option for today’s health conscious and stylish human.

First, we knew we needed to make a product that is all-natural. We always seek natural products to put on our bodies. We feel our shoes should be no different. After all, our feet contain a quarter of all the body’s bones and have more sweat glands and sensory nerve endings per square centimeter than any other part of the body.

This leads us to our next (and most important) feature: being conductive. The Earth has an abundant supply of electrons that our bodies cannot naturally absorb through synthetic soled footwear. Our copper rivet and natural leather sole allows electrons to pass freely from the earth into our bodies. These electrons help our bodies return to its neutral state (difficult today with so many man-made EMFs) and are known to fight free-radicals, reduce inflammation, and enhance your immune system. These are amongst a plethora of other benefits, and please we encourage you to do your own research on the topic of Earthing!

Next, we wanted a product that has a thin, zero-drop sole. This is important to us because our bodies were designed to walk barefoot and feel the contour of our beautiful Mother Earth. Our shoes allow you to walk naturally without promoting heel strike like other footwear with heels higher than your toes. Our shoes have no arch support, helping your feet strengthen themselves naturally.

Due to the porous properties of our vegetable tanned water buffalo leather sole, you can wear Raum shoes without socks and your feet will not stink or sweat. OK, maybe not NEVER, we don’t want to speak for everyone here ; ) but our team has witnessed excellent results with no stinky shoes and sweaty feet!

We love to be barefoot. We love organic foods. We love our planet. We believe less is more. These values are all connected and we wanted to create a brand through our passion of footwear that will build a tribe of like-minded humans who care about the same things as us!

Welcome to our primitive future.